Street Safety new standards proclaimed for bikes

The focal government has changed the guidelines for street wellbeing. Some new principles have likewise been made. The service as of late reported new rules for bikes. As indicated by media reports, a hand hold behind the driver's seat on the two sides of the bicycle will get compulsory. Its motivation is to secure the individuals sitting in the back. So far most extravagance bicycles don't have this component. What's more, hassocks on the two sides have been made required for bicycle riders.

Apart from this at least half of the left side of the rear wheel of the bike must be securely covered with sari guards. So that the clothes of the people sitting in the back do not get entangled in the rear wheel. Now any bike registered with the RTO office must follow these safety rules.

The ministry has also issued guidelines for placing light containers in bikes. The length of this container should not exceed 550mm, width 510mm and height 500mm.

If the container is mounted on the back seat, only the driver will be allowed to sit. That is, no one else will be able to sit on that bike. The government will change these rules from time to time.

The government has also recently issued new guidelines on tires. Under this it is advisable to have a tire pressure monitoring system for vehicles weighing a maximum of 3.5 tons.

In this framework, the driver gets data about the cool in the feels sick of the vehicle through the sensor. The service has additionally suggested having a tire fix pack. The vehicle will no longer need additional tires after this standard is applied.