Rules have changed for LPG gas cylinders

Rules for LPG gas chambers changed from August 1, will build purchaser cerebral pains

With the IOC radically changing the rules for booking and delivery of LPG gas cylinders from August 1, it will now be a headache for the uneducated, poorly educated, poor and backward rural people living in rural areas to get LPG cylinders.

Learn what the new rules are

According to the new rules, every customer will be able to book a refill online only from his registered mobile number.

The customer will not be able to change the registered number. When the cylinder arrives at home within 2 hours of registration, it will be mandatory for the customer to give the DAC code in the mobile number from which he registered the cylinder to the delivery man. Deliverymen also have to have a mandatory smart phone.

From one perspective, gas organizations have quit giving appropriations throughout the previous a half year with no declaration. Around then, the overall class is by all accounts in a difficult situation because of the muddled principles presented even in getting chambers.