Download MAUSAM App for Update of weather

Download MAUSAM App for Update of climate 

The application is accessible on Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store 

The application gets climate refreshes 8 times each day 

The application consequently cautions of awful climate 

Right now the application is working for 200 urban communities, soon this number will be 450 

The focal government has propelled the 'Mausam' application to make climate data effectively available to the overall population. From this application clients can get climate estimate data. The application has been mutually evolved by the International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics, IITM (Indian Institute of Tropical Metrology) and IMD (India Metrological Department). This application is accessible on Play Store and App Store. Geology Minister Dr. Harshvardhan has given his data by tweeting.

Climate data for 450 urban communities

The application at present just works in 200 urban areas, as per government claims. It will be made accessible to clients in 450 urban communities in the following 7 days. This application gives climate data to the most recent 24 hours and for the following 7 days. The climate update will be seen multiple times on the application.

There will be an awful climate cautioning

This legislature application, as different applications, utilizes various hues for climate refreshes. The application naturally cautions clients of awful climate.

Association Earth Science Minister Harsh Vardhan last Monday propelled an administration versatile application with the goal of handling climate challenges in a convenient way, which will give climate estimate data to pretty much every city in the nation. The application will give exact data to the overall population including climate, temperature, downpour, wind speed, air mugginess. As indicated by the administration, the application will begin discharging climate gauge reports for around 450 urban communities in India in the following seven days. 24 hour climate estimate will be given on this application.

Notices will be refreshed eight times each day on the Mausam application. Simultaneously, hues have been utilized to handily comprehend the climate refreshes. Climate data on the application will likewise be accessible in three hues Red, Yellow and Orange. Simultaneously, an admonition will be given if the climate is risky. The application will at first give climate updates to 800 stations and areas at three-hour stretches.


  1. The Mausam app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Pune and Indian Meteorological Department. Speaking on the occasion of the app launch, Minister Harshvardhan said that huge investment is needed to replace the new device, computer related resources to make the weather update accurate. He said the investment should be at least double the current budget. Explain that till now there was no special mechanism for daily updates regarding weather forecast in the country. In such cases, people had to resort to the reports of private institutions, which did not provide weather updates for every single city. In this case, the official new Mausam app can get rid of this problem