Aangadvadi Bharti at Advertisement for the post of AWW/AWH BHARUCH

common instuction::

(1) For the enlistment procedure of Anganwadi laborer/Teda gar in the incorporated kid advancement administration plot under the Department of Women and Child Development, Resolution No. given by the Department of Women and Child Development of the Government. Subject to ICD/102018/15/B (Part-2), Dt. From 9/11/2018 for determination of Anganwadi laborer/Teda gar, EHRMS from specialist/Teda gar administration book, and guidelines with respect to online enrollment process, privileged help, audit, discipline rules. Will remain.

(2) Once the online application is affirmed by the candidate, there will be no extension for revision.

(3) Any disparity between the data filled in the application structure and the subtleties of the transferred reports will be considered as scratch-off of the candidate's candidature. Transferred reports must be coherent.

(4) In situations where the candidate has breezed through the assessment with more than one endeavor, the candidate will examine and transfer the marksheet of each endeavor. Competitors who go with more than one endeavor should tally the characteristics of the passed subject/subjects of that marksheet. The all out imprints will be determined subsequent to deducting the signs of the bombed subject/subjects. At that point check the signs of the re-passed subject/subjects. Along these lines, on the off chance that the all out characteristics of 8 subjects are 200, at that point just the signs of the subjects dropped of 200 out of various mark sheets ought to be thought of. For example On the off chance that there are 5 imprints acquired out of all out imprints wherein there is disappointment with 5 imprints in a single subject then the imprints got will be considered 500 imprints. At that point in the event that there are 50 checks in that subject, at that point the imprints got out of the absolute imprints will be 60.

Archive to apply online during the time spent arrangement should present the required supporting proof on the web. Arrangements will likewise be given on the web. The whole process will be completed online in a straightforward way. The inquiry is how to apply online to the less instructed Ben sitting in a helpless town. VCA Village Computer, working in every gram panchayat, will give the whole procedure of online application to the individual sisters. The application will be made and the records will likewise be transferred.

In the wake of making this online application, the rules will be checked and merit rundown will be made. As per this merit list, the competitor who is qualified to be chosen will have his original documents checked and afterward the arrangement letter will be given. This appointment letter will likewise be produced on the web and will arrive at the sisters.

Offers have additionally been orchestrated in this process. Offer will likewise be made on the web. In the event that a solicitor discovers that he has been rewarded unreasonably or includes missed something inside 10 days before giving the arrangement letter, he/she can engage the investigative committee online and inside 10 days the board of trustees will react to the intrigue on the web. .

No sister should be brought in for an interview or face to face. The enlistment procedure will be done three to four times per year at the state level and will likewise incorporate potential opening inthe next a half year

This online process will make the enrollment procedure quicker and increasingly straightforward. In the off-line process up until now, all the candidates are called for interviews and thena list is made in their choice. In the event that the locale board of trustees experiences this process, it is conceivable that there will be some human mistake and this process will likewise influence the unwanted proposals. Evidently they even wen through the court so the procedure was exceptionally late and the arrangement was also extremely late. Every one of these enquiries will be expelled because of this online procedure.

After the vacancies in the progressing disconnected procedure, these opening stayed empty fora long time during this long procedure with the goal that the advantages of ladies and child development administrations could likewise be dispersed to the individuals. There will be a selection dependent on merit. The opportunities are probably not going to stay empty for long.




(2) in the event that the evaluation/score is shown in the marksheet, it is mandatory to ascertain the imprints from the evaluation/score gave by the college/school or to transfer the testament/marksheet of the determined imprints from the college/school itself.

(3) This application structure is for enrollment as it were. It won't be viewed as a case for arrangement.

(4) The name of the candidate will be in English and Gujarati, and every single other detail will be filled in by the candidate in English.